Watch: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

It’s hard to imagine a national holiday without a Charlie Brown special airing on national television. What better way to celebrate Halloween than with the classic Peanuts special, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”? Sally’s “sweet bambino”, Linus, with his security blanket in hand, heads out on his annual voyage to the pumpkin patch in … Continue reading

Eat: Black Bean and Pumpkin Soup

After weeks of buildup, today is officially Halloween and it would be horrible to not highlight a recipe that didn’t have pumpkin in it. I recently have become obsessed with black bean soup. It’s a deceptively hearty soup that has a lot of fiber and protein, so it’s good for you. Oh yeah, and it’s … Continue reading

Wear: Blake Lively’s Style

Everyone by now knows that Blake Lively has a great sense of style. On her hit show, “Gossip Girl”, which is airing its final season now on the CW, she gets styled by amazing looks curated by stylist Eric Daman, but in real life, it is public knowledge that Blake Lively is one of the … Continue reading

Live: Mirror Image

Mirrors are an essential part of any home. I once tried to go a few months without having one in my apartment. Needless to say, I caved after a couple weeks. It’s not because I’m narcissistic because I am, it’s just another easy way to add some life to a living space. Mirrors come in all shapes, … Continue reading

Travel: Anywhere but the East Coast

In this “Travel” section, I usually blog about picturesque areas that if I’m lucky in my lifetime, I will be able to visit. As I write this from my home in Maryland, I wish I could transport myself to any of those places right now. I am looking outside my window and watching the rain … Continue reading

Appreciate: Kelly Smith

The image featured above is not a black and white photograph, it is actually an illustration by famed fashion illustrator Kelly Smith. She is based in Australia and has had her work featured in every fashion magazine imaginable. She has also done some collaborative work with fashion labels and sells prints and cards of her … Continue reading

Listen: Santigold

Songs: “Disparate Youth“, “L.E.S. Artistes“, and “Creator” I’ve been a huge fan of Santigold since her first single, “L.E.S. Artistes” was available for free on iTunes. A lot of the times, free singles of the week are hit and miss, but this song was not and once I heard it, I was hungry for more. … Continue reading

Drink: Michelada

It’s the funniest thing: for some reason, I cannot stomach a Bloody Mary, but I’m obsessed with micheladas. The Mexican drink is made with beer, lime juice,  hot sauce, peppers, and different spices. Just like Bloody Marys, micheladas are used as a hangover remedy. I’m not a huge beer drinker, but if the taste is … Continue reading

Watch: Scream

I’m not a huge fan of horror movies. All the characters are stupid, naked, or both and even though it might sound harsh, I am indifferent to their deaths. Since Halloween is around the corner, television stations are having their Halloween movie marathons. If I had to choose, I would say one of my favorite … Continue reading

Eat: Pumpkin Gnocchi with Sage Butter and Feta

It’s been a while since I wrote about pumpkin, which is extremely odd considering tis the season for pumpkin flavors, so to make amends, I found a recipe that looks just as delicious as it tastes. You would be surprised how easy it is to make gnocchi, it just takes a little patience. Also, there … Continue reading

Wear: Zoe Saldana’s Style

Zoe Saldana has definitely paid her dues in Hollywood and deserves the recent A-list attention she has been receiving the past few years. I mean, she was in the Britney Spears movie, “Crossroads”, and survived. Just like her movie choices, her sense of style has improved over the years. She is never boring on the … Continue reading

Live: Canopy Beds for Adults

I have always wanted canopy drapes in my bedroom, I just didn’t know they had an official name. I was always making mini forts in my room with bed sheets and now that I’m an adult, I can finally have one,except instead of using a thick rectangle bed sheet, I can have a flowy sheer … Continue reading

Explore: Underwater Museum, Mexico

This underwater museum is a collection of over 400 life-size sculptures that located off the coast of Islas de Mujeres near Cancun, Mexico. Each sculpture was created by Jason deCaires Taylor and is collectively known as “The Silent Revolution”. The project is meant to symbolize a contemporary perspective on how the Mayan culture has evolved over the years. A … Continue reading


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