explore: Badenixe, Hamburg, Germany

I am a fan of architecture and structures that interact with their environment. Some of the most celebrated building designs fulfill this criteria from the Sydney Opera House to Fallingwater. The Badenixe is another structure that fits perfectly with its location. Found in Hamburg, Germany, the Badenixe, or “the bathing beauty” relaxes in the Alster Lake as if she … Continue reading

explore: Boboli Gardens, Florence, Italy

Yesterday, (for the people who cared),the world was treated to the first official wedding photographs of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. There was an insane amount of speculation about where the wedding would be held and at the end of the day, the ceremony was held at Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy. But just … Continue reading

live: Metallic Wall Art

Just by look the fall 2014 runway shows, it was hard to deny that metallics was a popular trend for this season. It is always fun to take inspiration from places like fashion and translate it into our everyday lives like home decor. If you don’t want to dive head first into metallic trend, there … Continue reading

appreciate: Mario Ceroli

It is very difficult to take structured material like glass or wood and shape and carve it into a sculpture that looks like it has movement and shape. Italian artist Mario Ceroli does with his installations and set designs. One of my favorite works of his is “The Wave”. This sculpture looks like a photograph, … Continue reading

appreciate: Do Ho Suh

My favorite thing about art installations is that the audience is able to interact with the piece more so than they would with a painting or photography. Korean sculptor and installation artist, Do Ho Sh is one of the reasons why I love this medium. His work is just as striking  and thought provoking from … Continue reading

appreciate: Dan Webb

I thought I had an idea of all the things that can be done with a block of wood, but sculptor Dan Webb has defied what is possible. Webb pays painstaking attention to the detail of each line and curve of what he’s sculpting, giving something that is as solid as wood the illusion of … Continue reading

appreciate: Valery Koshlyakov

Working in Washington, DC has made me take advantage of the several free art galleries in the area. While looking through the Washington Post, I saw an artist whose work will be featured in Goethe-Institut Gallery this month. The Russian born artist constructs large scaled paintings and sculptures with the use of the medium cardboard as … Continue reading

appreciate: Aili Schmeltz

As much as love paintings, sketches, and drawings, one medium of art that I am completely in awe of is sculpture. The ability for an artist to create something that is not only a work of art, but can be interactive with the space and the audience is mindblowing to me. That is why I … Continue reading

appreciate: Mindy Shapero

It will never cease to amaze me what an artist can do with a simple sheet of blank paper. Paint, fold, cut, the possibilities are endless. I have featured paper sculptures on this website before, so I was pleased to come across another artist who uses innovative and inventive ways to make paper sculptures. Los … Continue reading

appreciate: El Anantsui

Looking at the works of Ghanaian artist El Anatsui through photography doesn’t do them justice. The sculptor’s work is something that needs to be experienced and person, and based on the prestigious art galleries where his work has been shown, there is an increased chance that everyone may have access  to his creations. Anatsui’s medium … Continue reading

appreciate: Shayna Leib

When I was in Italy, I saw a glassblowing presentation that was absolutely spectacular. I always found the versatility of glass to be fascinating but I had no idea that glass could be used to make breathtaking sculptures like the ones artist Shayna Leib creates. Leib cuts glass strips into tens of thousands of carefully measured pieces … Continue reading

Appreciate: Herb Williams

When I was younger, I used art supplies like  crayons as tools to create some “abstract” drawings. Nashville artist Herb Williams uses crayons as the basis of  his installations. What you see above you is made entirely out of thousands of Crayola crayons. It is interesting how Williams uses a medium that is associated with … Continue reading

Live: Eye Popping Sculptures

I’m a firm believer in conversations pieces. Whether it be  an abstract piece of art hanging  on a wall to a tiny souvenir from a place just recently traveled, pieces like this give any living space a little bit of  personality. I have already written about different ways to decorate a room and one I … Continue reading


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