Explore: The Stone Forest,Yunnan,China

Nature is truly amazing. From a distance, the photograph looks like an aerial shot of a forest filled with tall, indigo leaved trees, but in actuality, it is a large collection of limestone formations that for at least 75 miles. This “stone forest can be found in Yunnan, People’s Republic of China and is a popular tourist attraction, for obvious reasons. This area is easily accessible, taking only 3 hours to see the whole thing, which includes small and large stone forests, a cave, and a lake. There is an old saying that goes,”if you have visited Kunming without seeing the Stone Forest, you have wasted your time”. Based on this picture, I would have to agree.

Photo Credit: buzzfeed.com


5 Responses to “Explore: The Stone Forest,Yunnan,China”
  1. Reblogged this on chestnuthell and commented:
    wow. this is amazing.

  2. Char says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous, would love to visit one day!

    Char xo

  3. Looks amazing! I didn’t even know this existed! So cool!!


  4. kz says:

    the color of those leaves.. wow!

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