Watch: Breaking Bad

This Sunday, viewers will be treated to the last season finale ever of the Emmy award winning “Breaking Bad” before the show rolls out its final 8 episodes sometime next year. The past five seasons have definitely been a roller-coaster ride watching the transformation of Walter White, a disrespected high school chemistry teacher, who enters the meth making business … Continue reading

Eat: Burger Oscar

One of my favorite steakhouse meals is filet Oscar. It’s basically a fancy surf and turf dish made with filet mignon, crab, asparagus, and Bearnaise sauce.  When I came across a hamburger version of this meal, I thought it was an ingenious idea that I wish I thought of sooner. It seems like a less … Continue reading

Wear: Cushnie et Ochs

It’s always refreshing to see young up and coming designers become successful in their fields for creating fresh innovative ideas, and Parsons trained designer Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs have done just that. The duo formed their company in 2008 after graduating, using their awesome last names for the edgy, yet feminine design label.  Ever … Continue reading

Live: Liquor Bottle Lamps

One of life’s greatest dilemmas is what does one do with all those empty liquor bottle lying around the house? No lie, a collection of bottles make for great decoration,especially if they vary in size and color. But, let’s take that a step further: why not make a lamp out of them? While this may … Continue reading

Explore: Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and one of the largest cities in Europe and the world. Due to its size, it comes as no surprise that is a variety of things to do in this city. From beaches, shopping, historical and religious sites, there are countless opportunities for visitors to immerse themselves in … Continue reading

Appreciate: Kyu-Hak Lee

Appropriation is not a new concept to the art world. Recycling and borrowing elements of artworks in different, modern ways is something that has been done for several years and has  no signs of stops. Sometimes, the end result can be lackluster, but in the right hands, it can become a revered piece of work. … Continue reading

Listen: Birdy

  Song: “Just a Game”, “Skinny Love”, and “1901” I thought that when the Olympics were over, I wouldn’t feel that bad about watching underage boys and girls achieve great things. That wasn’t until I hit shuffle on my iPod and rediscovered the amazingness that is 16 year old British musician Jasmine van den Bogaerde, who … Continue reading

Drink: Bubble Tea

I have an unnatural obsession with bubble tea. I love all the flavors it comes in, the wide straws that you stab the top with, and the tapioca pearls. I love the tapioca pearls.For some reason, people have a deadly fear of them,but I can’t get enough of them. I love when you walk into … Continue reading

Watch: Almost Famous

There are very few movies that come out that affect me the way Cameron Crowe’s “Almost Famous” has. I remember the first time I saw it: I was home on a Saturday night in 2003 and it premiered on ABC for the first time. I had nothing else to do and even though I had … Continue reading

Eat: Brown Sugar Fig and Gorgonzola Crisp

One of my favorite desserts is apple crisp, not only because it’s absolutely delicious but it’s extremely easy to make. It’s a classic traditional dish that is one of my go-to recipes when I’m in the mood for comfort food. But, every now and then, I  like to mix it up and when I saw … Continue reading

Wear: Erin Wasson’s Style

Erin Wasson is one of those people who looks like they just rolled out of bed, effortlessly put together a red carpet look, and land on the best dress list. She doesn’t follow trends; instead she sets them, dressing for herself in an uncontrived manner and making a style that is truly her own. She … Continue reading

Live: Reading Nook- An Indoor Getaway

I recently just purchased Stephen King’s latest novel, 11/22/1963 and I have been dying to dive into the 800+ page masterpiece. When I need a peaceful place to escape into a good book, I like to sit in the reading nook in my house which is next to my living room. If I lived in … Continue reading

Explore: Morocco, Africa

Based on what I’ve seen on “The Real Housewives of New York” and “Skins”, Morocco seems to be one of the ‘it’ places to go on vacation. Morocco is a North African country that is rich in religious history, which is part of the country’s appeal and tourism draw. A popular city to visit is … Continue reading


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