eat: Shoofly Pie

This weekend, I found myself in Amish Country and paid a visit to the home of the Shoofly Pie in Lancaster County. Let me tell you: it was love at first bite. I was skeptical at first since at first glance, the pie resembles the “special” chocolate pie Minny baked in the film, “The Help”, … Continue reading

eat: Chia Pudding

Every year, a new food craze is born . Last year, it was kale. This year, it feels like chia pudding, or anything with chia is becoming popular with food aficionados (though I like to think I was ahead of the trend). Not only is chia pudding pretty to look at, it’s also healthy and … Continue reading

eat: Stroopwafels

If you have never tasted a stroopwafel, you need to drop everything you’re doing right now, and find a way to change that. This delicious Dutch cookie is basically a caramel syrup sandwiched between two thin sweet waffle cookies. Be warned: these treats are insanely addictive. I have trekked through snow and rain specifically just … Continue reading

eat: Banana Pudding

Today is Labor Day which means the family will be barbecuing but that is not what I am not looking forward to the most. My neighbor will be bringing over her delicious homemade banana pudding. Banana pudding isn’t something I crave, but when it’s placed in front of me, I want absolutely nothing else. The … Continue reading

drink: Affogato

I’m not a fan of iced coffee for some reason. I like to add an unhealthy amount of sugar to my daily cup of joe and I find that sugar dissolve well in iced coffee. I won’t even get its watered down taste. Yet, for some reason, I have become a recent fan of affogato. … Continue reading

eat: Green Tea Crepe Cake

I’m not sure I can pinpoint when my obsession with green tea crepe cake began. I want to say it was when I saw a picture of it at a college friend’s coworker’s going away party, but I can’t be certain. Irregardless of how I came to know of their existence, I have been obsessed … Continue reading

eat: Macarons- The Saint Tropez Treat

I was a little late to the macaron trend. I first saw them in the Sophia Coppola film, “Marie Antoniette”. I was obsessed with the aesthetic of that film, which included the shots of the pastel colored treat so I was instantly interested on getting my hands on one. Unfortunately, they weren’t very popular in … Continue reading

Eat: Sugar Plum Pudding with Anise and Cajeta

With the freak snow storm that happened in my area, my Christmas lights still hanging, and Christmas movies still airing,  it is hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone. One movie I saw a couple days ago was the Macaulay Culkin version of  “The Nutcracker”. One of my favorite songs from that ballet … Continue reading

Eat: Lemon Blackberry Tart

Right now, as I am writing this, I am craving something sweet and I believe that this lemon blackberry tart would satisfy my craving. As much as I love pie, it is a lot less work and preparation to make a tart and you still get a tasty result. I love lemon-based tarts, they are … Continue reading

Eat: Baked Apples

I’ve written about almost every apple based dessert imaginable on this site, from apple tart to apple cider. One recipe I haven’t written about yet is baked apples. Probably the easiest to make is baked apples. I remember having one for the first time in my elementary school cafeteria. I know school food is usually … Continue reading

Eat: Berry Pavlova

I have to credit Tumblr for my discovery of this unique dessert. Pavlova is a meringue- like dessert that is named after a Russian ballerina named Anna Pavlova and is a popular dessert in Australia and New Zealand. It has  a light texture on the inside and a crispy crust on the outside. It is prepared in … Continue reading

Eat: French Apple Tart

Thanksgiving is around the corner, which means my annual duty of making dessert is fast approaching. Of course, we always have pumpkin pie, but I also like to make an apple crisp. Because of this blog, I have decided to switch up and (attempt) to make a French apple tart. I know my patience will … Continue reading

Eat: Crepe Suzette

I was watching “The New Normal” a couple nights ago and one of the main character’s mom made him crepe suzette, which apparently was his favorite dessert. I have had crepe suzette before but I had no idea that it required the crepes to be doused with liquor and lit on fire to produce the thick caramel … Continue reading


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