live: Agate Coasters

Move over crystal, agate is having a moment. The beautiful, colorful rock formation with its ribbons of color gradation of  different widths and shapes is quickly becoming a design staple. From glasses to table table tops, there’s no way to avoid it, and why would you want to? The gateway to ease myself into the beauty that … Continue reading

live: My Mirrors are Staring Back at Me

  Mirror, mirror, on the wall, having friends to keep you grounded can be a ball. A simple and easy to decorate any living space is to group together a couple of mirrors of different sizes and arrange them however you like. It can be uniformed or completely at random, whatever works best for that … Continue reading

live: It’s Always Springtime with a Terrarium

  This time of the year is transitional for many: students are going back to school, pumpkin everything is slowly creeping up in all stores, and the weather is starting to get cooler. Fall is among us. If you are not fully ready to say goodbye, there is a way to hold on to that … Continue reading

live: Wallpaper is Having a Moment

There was a certain time around the new millennium that having wallpaper -adorned surfaces were outdated and taboo. In recent years, there has been a resurgence in the use of home decor and I, for one could not be happier. While simply painting a wall gave a clean, sleek backdrop to a room, I think … Continue reading

live: Greenery in the House

If I keep saying spring is around the corner, maybe it will come, but according to the calender and not the weather, it is around the corner, which means the grass will grow greener and the flowers will bloom. To liven up the home during the season, a great idea would be to bring in … Continue reading

Live: Mirror Image

Mirrors are an essential part of any home. I once tried to go a few months without having one in my apartment. Needless to say, I caved after a couple weeks. It’s not because I’m narcissistic because I am, it’s just another easy way to add some life to a living space. Mirrors come in all shapes, … Continue reading

Live: Lamps are Essential

When my parents moved from the Midwest to the East Coast, the weather wasn’t the only thing I had to get used to. There is a disturbing trend of houses that have light switches, but no lights in them. Home buyers had to buy their own light fixtures! At first, I thought it was outrageous, … Continue reading

Live: Framing Shopping Bags

Carrying a shopping bag is almost as big of a fashion statement as carrying or wearing the items in said bag. Everyone knows the graphic designs of the Tory Burch logo, the iconic baby blue Tiffany and Co. box, and the plaid Burberry print. So what happens when you garner an excess of shopping bags … Continue reading

Live: Candle Arrangements

I love candles. I think they are the easiest and pretty inexpensive way to decorate a living space. I have a wide range of candles in my bedroom of different colors, sizes, shapes, and scents. It would be a fragrant  fire hazard if I lit them at once, which is why they have not been … Continue reading

Live: Mood Boards – Decoration and Inspiration

Traditionally, mood board  are created as source of inspiration and can be an awesome way to get your creative juices flowing. Also, depending on how you organize them, mood boards are pretty to look at. So why not highlight them in your home? It is expected, especially if you have a creative job, that a … Continue reading

Live: Vintage Perfume Bottles as Decoration

There are a lot of factors that go into purchasing a perfume. Obviously, scent is important, but let’s be honest, it doesn’t hurt that the perfume comes in a pretty bottle. In fact, I’m pretty sure the manufacturing of the bottle is factored into the price. There’s no reason why a 1.7 fl. oz. spray … Continue reading


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