watch: Magic in the Moonlight

I never know what to expect when it comes to Woody Allen movies. Most of his earlier works have been based on realistic situations like falling in love with a free spirit…or with your wife’s sister? But in the 2000s, most of his work had a sort of magical element which could be seen in … Continue reading

watch: Love, Rosie

There are not too many movies I am excited to see but British romantic comedy,”Love, Rosie”, is one of them. The film stars Lilly Collins and “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” Sam Claflin as two best friends who are facing multiple changes in their lives including having to move to another continent and falling in love for … Continue reading

appreciate: Wilfred Lang

With the multiple creative tools that become available everyday, it has become difficult for an artist to take an overexposed muse and breathe new life into it.  Artist Wilfred Lang has done just that, taking an abstract approach when it comes to painting city skylines and urban landscapes. His artistic interpretations on architectural subjects that … Continue reading

listen: “Silhouette” by Active Child featuring Ellie Goulding

From the very first note, I was instantly taken by the song, “Silhouette” by the musician Pat Grossi who creates dreamy pop tunes reminiscent of the group, New Order, under the name Active Child. If that band name sounds familiar, it’s because one of his songs, “Hanging On” was covered by Ellie Goulding on her … Continue reading

appreciate: Lorraine Christie

Just by looking at the works of painter Lorraine Christie, I would have never guessed that she was from Ireland. Her romantic style brushstrokes and dreamy, hazy backdrops and subjects reminds me of the streets of Paris, London, or Paris. Maybe that is a testament to her work: that you can envision these people living … Continue reading

watch: About Time

This movie hasn’t even come out yet and I’m already obsessed with. “About Time” is about a young man named Tim, whose dad decides to tell him when he is an adult that he can travel back in time and change events in his life. He decides to that he wants to use his power … Continue reading

Watch: Love Me If You Dare

When it comes to movies, I try to be open minded, watching everything from documentaries to independent films to foreign films. One day, I was bored and wanted to watch a movie on Netflix and I came across the French romantic comedy, “Love Me If You Dare” starting one of my favorite actresses, Marion Cotillard … Continue reading

watch: Sex and the City

I think I was 8 years old when “Sex and the City” originally premiered on HBO, but luckily for syndication and DVD rentals, I have been able to watch the series later on and I’m obsessed. As a girl who loves fashion and writing, I would label myself as a Carrie, and I was obsessed with her fashion, but … Continue reading


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