appreciate: Chloe Cockburn

It is still a common misconception that people can’t  find the time to do all the things they are interested in. If anyone needs yet another example that this is possible, look no further than Chloe Cockburn. Cockburn is an acclaimed civil rights lawyer by day, but when she isn’t working on policy reform, she is painting a collection of gorgeous abstract … Continue reading

appreciate: Wilfred Lang

With the multiple creative tools that become available everyday, it has become difficult for an artist to take an overexposed muse and breathe new life into it.  Artist Wilfred Lang has done just that, taking an abstract approach when it comes to painting city skylines and urban landscapes. His artistic interpretations on architectural subjects that … Continue reading

A Year in Review – Art

If I have to be honest, writing the art sections are probably the 2nd hardest posts to write about for “Thought I Might Suggest”(The hardest section will be written about tomorrow). Trying to find artists to feature on this site who produce exciting,  visually eye pleasing work is no easy task. I feel like this … Continue reading

appreciate: Valery Koshlyakov

Working in Washington, DC has made me take advantage of the several free art galleries in the area. While looking through the Washington Post, I saw an artist whose work will be featured in Goethe-Institut Gallery this month. The Russian born artist constructs large scaled paintings and sculptures with the use of the medium cardboard as … Continue reading

appreciate: Jules Olitski

I have been talking for months about wanting to paint: I have the paint, I have the canvas, and I have the brushes. All I need is the inspiration. I am drawn (no pun intended) to abstract art (mainly because I’m not a pro with the paintbrush yet). I have been looking at different artists … Continue reading

appreciate: Lorraine Christie

Just by looking at the works of painter Lorraine Christie, I would have never guessed that she was from Ireland. Her romantic style brushstrokes and dreamy, hazy backdrops and subjects reminds me of the streets of Paris, London, or Paris. Maybe that is a testament to her work: that you can envision these people living … Continue reading

appreciate: Philip Barlow

When I first saw artist Philip Barlow’s collection titled “Out of Focus”, I could not believe that Barlow used the medium of oil paint, not photography to create this work of art. What’s great about his paintings are that the subjects are not posed, they are going about their daily life, unknowingly being captured by Barlow. Also, … Continue reading

appreciate: Mark Rothko

I did some impulse buying today at the art store, Utrecht, picking up a couple of small canvases, watercolors, and acrylic paint, just because it was there an dI was feeling inspired. While looking to the internet for some inspiration on some painting techniques I could, I came across a painting I had seen before … Continue reading

Appreciate: Per Kirkeby

I went to the Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C. a while back and I came across an exhibition by famed Danish artist Per Kirkeby and was an instant fan of his work. His inspiration for his work comes from his interest in nature and geology, which he had a masters degree in. He was a … Continue reading

Appreciate: Jacob Lawrence

Jacob Lawrence is one of the most prolific African American artists that ever lived. One of his most famous paintings are a part of the “Migration” series, which consists of 60 paintings. During the early 1900s, when these paintings were made, was a time when African Americans were moving to the North in order to … Continue reading

Appreciate: Chad Wys “Brutalized Delights” Series

I’ve taken a few art history classes and something I had always wondered was who or what defines what “art” is and what is the meaning of art. Why are some paintings more valuable than others? What is so special about some of the most famous works of art? I believe it is because art … Continue reading

Appreciate: Gerhard Richter

This painting, Abstract Painting (809-4), is the creation of German visual artist Gerhard Richter. Just a few days ago, it was sold at Sotheby’s auction house for $34.2 million dollars. That is not a typo: $34.2 million dollars. What makes Richter’s paintings so high in value? Richter is one of the most important living artists of … Continue reading

Appreciate: Leslie David

Leslie David is a Parisian graphic designer and art director, who has done freelance work for global brands like Chloe, Nike, and the New York Times. One of the works that I found visual striking of hers was the spread she did in Please! magazine. She took already stunning photographs taken by photographer Nagi Sakai … Continue reading


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