appreciate: Donald Robertson

Fashion has a tendency of taking itself too seriously. It’s the area of fashion illustration were all the fun is. If you look at sketches from top designers like Karl Lagerfeld or Giorgio Armani, you can see that extremely detailed gowns got their starts from carefree, flick of the wrist sketches. As creative director of Bobbi … Continue reading

appreciate: René Magritte

The name Magritte may not be as familiar as Picasso or Pollack, but the work is. Belgian artist René Magritte is well-known for thought-provoking paintings that titter between surrealism and realism. Some of his most famous works include “Son of Man” and “The Treachery of Image“, both pieces make the audience process and question what they … Continue reading

appreciate: Jaeyeol Han

It’s funny how we as people can look at a person, a place, a thing (a noun basically) and see completely different things. In South Korean artist Jaeyeol Han’s portrait paintings, he allows the viewer to see not only the subject’s face, but the feelings that lies beneath it. Han’s paintings blur the lines between … Continue reading

appreciate: Jules Olitski

I have been talking for months about wanting to paint: I have the paint, I have the canvas, and I have the brushes. All I need is the inspiration. I am drawn (no pun intended) to abstract art (mainly because I’m not a pro with the paintbrush yet). I have been looking at different artists … Continue reading

Live: Chalkboard Painted Walls

When I was a kid, I used to draw all over our house’s wall with crayons and markers. I’m pretty sure my dad did not appreciate having to paint over all my little creations. If we had known that there was such thing as chalkboard paint, it would have saved my parents a lot of … Continue reading

Appreciate: François Marie Banier

My first introduction to artist/photographer/novelist/playwright/actor François Marie Banier was through the Diane von Furstenberg campaign he did in 2008. He photographed model Natalia Vodianova in black and white and then painted  and wrote all over her pictures with bright colored paints. After seeing these advertisements, I had to know more about the famed French photographer and it … Continue reading

Appreciate: Arman “Red Tubes of Paint” 1980

I stumbled upon this artist, Arman Pierre Fernandez or simply Arman, when I was doing research for a marketing class I took senior year. I was immediately taken by Armen’s use of materials and after I finished my assignment, I went on a hunt to find more about the artist. Arman was a French artist who regularly integrated … Continue reading


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