appreciate: Fornasetti

I had seen the portrait of this woman’s face everywhere, finding her image fascinating and creepy at the same time, but I never knew who the artist was until recently when I saw the imagery again on Instagram. Italian artist Piero Fornasetti was a jack of all trades in his field: he was a painter, … Continue reading

appreciate: Paola Pivi

This has probably been the most fun art post I have written in a while. When I first saw a picture of  Italian artist Paola Pivi’s installation entitled, “Ok, You are Better than Me, So What?”, I became an instant fan. What I love about this work is not just the color of the polar bears … Continue reading

drink: Affogato

I’m not a fan of iced coffee for some reason. I like to add an unhealthy amount of sugar to my daily cup of joe and I find that sugar dissolve well in iced coffee. I won’t even get its watered down taste. Yet, for some reason, I have become a recent fan of affogato. … Continue reading

drink: Grapefruit Aperol Margarita

I won’t lie: before writing this, I had no idea what Aperol was but now that I have seen the light, I wanted to find a recipe that would highlight this Italian spritzer. Aperol is a light, fruity drink made with Prosecco and soda water. It tastes like a sweeter Campari, which is perfect for … Continue reading

Explore: Marqueyssac Gardens, Dordogne, France

The garden at the Château de Versailles is probably one of the most well-known locations in France, but another landmark that should not be missed is the Marqueyssac Gardens in the Dordogne region of France. The design of the garden was first conceived in the 17th century and was inspired by the Italian romantic style. There … Continue reading


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