live: Unique Chandeliers

One of my favorite home features is lighting. You could say that I’m kind of obsessed with lighting. If looking, creating, and shopping for lamps for a living, I would be all over it. I’m also into what I like to call “fancy lamps” aka chandeliers. Unfortunately, I am not at a place in my … Continue reading

live: Breakfast Bar

We’ve heard it all before: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Sadly, these days, I rarely have the time to even physically sit down and enjoy a balanced meal of curds and whey (do people still eat that for breakfast?). In a perfect world, I would wake up in the morning, come … Continue reading

appreciate: Deborah Bowness

  My love for wallpaper recently resurfaced last year, when I noticed how it was making a comeback. Gone are the days of traditional stripes and floral patterned prints, wallpaper has become a thing of art now. One artist who is at the top of her game is British born artist/designer Deborah Bowness. Her trompe … Continue reading

live: My Mirrors are Staring Back at Me

  Mirror, mirror, on the wall, having friends to keep you grounded can be a ball. A simple and easy to decorate any living space is to group together a couple of mirrors of different sizes and arrange them however you like. It can be uniformed or completely at random, whatever works best for that … Continue reading

live: Sleek Black Furniture

Black can be a pretty intimidating color; ask any New Yorker who has to walk down 7th Avenue. For years, it was frowned upon to have even a splash of black in the home, now it is welcomed with open arms. Yet, moderation is key. You don’t want to live in a home that has … Continue reading

live: Splash Waterfalls – The Infinite Shower

Sadly, nowadays, the only place that I can truly get some alone time is in the bathroom. I feel like it’s the only place in the house, other than the bedroom that one can be their true self. Taking a shower is the highlight of my day. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t … Continue reading

live: Stairway to Heaven

It would be a dream to have a staircase resemble that of the infamous one found in Coco Chanel’s house. I feel like it would be similar to being an eau de parfum commercial everyday for the rest of your life (which is something I could get used to). But it’s more of the structure … Continue reading

live: Crate and Barrel Shelves

I’ve always been impressed with the creative ways people decorate their homes and living spaces on a wide range of budgets. It is remarkable to see how people can make the most with what they have and turn it into something fantastic. For example, if you told me that you could make shelves and desks … Continue reading

live: Drapes

When I become a proud homeowner, something that will be really important to me is that my home needs to have a lot of windows. I don’t even care if the views are terrible, I just want a lot of windows so I can purchase a lot of drapes. One set of drapes I am … Continue reading

Live: 2 for 1 Interior Design

I love the idea of making the most of what you have, but I’m also a fan of multi-purpose objects. For example, the spork: it’s a spoon and a fork: genius! It can cost a lot of money to curate a interior space, so why not decorate your living space with objects that can double … Continue reading

Live: Office Space

There are certain cues that people use to figure out a person’s personality and traits. You can tell someone’s creative ┬áby how messy or clean their room is. Clothing is usually a good indicator of a person’s persona. One cue that is usually overlooked is a person’s office space. Based on what that person uses … Continue reading


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