appreciate: Jacob Hashimoto

Japanese- American artist Jacob Hashimoto is one of the most unique living artists working today. His large scale installations that are constructed from intricately cut pieces of rice paper of different sizes, shapes, and color are breathtaking not only in up close and personal, but also in photography, a rare feat for most artwork. Hashimoto … Continue reading

appreciate: David Datuna

America is the land of opportunities and during this President’s Day weekend, people in the Washington, DC area who visit the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery will have the chance to test out Google Glass and interact with one of David Datuna’s works at the same time. Known for his innovative multimedia works that takes on … Continue reading

appreciate: Mario Ceroli

It is very difficult to take structured material like glass or wood and shape and carve it into a sculpture that looks like it has movement and shape. Italian artist Mario Ceroli does with his installations and set designs. One of my favorite works of his is “The Wave”. This sculpture looks like a photograph, … Continue reading

A Year in Review – Art

If I have to be honest, writing the art sections are probably the 2nd hardest posts to write about for “Thought I Might Suggest”(The hardest section will be written about tomorrow). Trying to find artists to feature on this site who produce exciting,  visually eye pleasing work is no easy task. I feel like this … Continue reading

appreciate: Alicia Eggert

I recently came across artist Alicia Eggert’s work while reading about her in the Washington Post towards the end of November. She has  a new exhibit featured at the Artisphere, a art gallery in Arlington,VA called “Everything You Are Looking For” and the images used to promote the exhibit. I was so captivated by that … Continue reading

appreciate: Yayoi Kusama

Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is a jack of all trades in the creative field. She works with a wide range of mediums, including paintings, collages, performance art, and sculptures to name a few. She had to have had an influence on artist like Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol because she was known for pop art … Continue reading

appreciate: Do Ho Suh

My favorite thing about art installations is that the audience is able to interact with the piece more so than they would with a painting or photography. Korean sculptor and installation artist, Do Ho Sh is one of the reasons why I love this medium. His work is just as striking  and thought provoking from … Continue reading

appreciate: Paola Pivi

This has probably been the most fun art post I have written in a while. When I first saw a picture of  Italian artist Paola Pivi’s installation entitled, “Ok, You are Better than Me, So What?”, I became an instant fan. What I love about this work is not just the color of the polar bears … Continue reading

appreciate: Valery Koshlyakov

Working in Washington, DC has made me take advantage of the several free art galleries in the area. While looking through the Washington Post, I saw an artist whose work will be featured in Goethe-Institut Gallery this month. The Russian born artist constructs large scaled paintings and sculptures with the use of the medium cardboard as … Continue reading

appreciate: El Anantsui

Looking at the works of Ghanaian artist El Anatsui through photography doesn’t do them justice. The sculptor’s work is something that needs to be experienced and person, and based on the prestigious art galleries where his work has been shown, there is an increased chance that everyone may have access  to his creations. Anatsui’s medium … Continue reading

Appreciate: Augusto Esquivel

It’s people like Miami-based Augusto Esquivel that make me love the creative process. Anyone can make art out of anything; with objects and material that normally wouldn’t come to mind like crayons and old t-shirts. Esquivel uses a medium that I would have never considered to create some spectacular installation art. In the picture above, Esquivel … Continue reading

Appreciate: Herb Williams

When I was younger, I used art supplies like  crayons as tools to create some “abstract” drawings. Nashville artist Herb Williams uses crayons as the basis of  his installations. What you see above you is made entirely out of thousands of Crayola crayons. It is interesting how Williams uses a medium that is associated with … Continue reading

Appreciate: Nam June Paik

One of the perks of living in Washington, D.C. is being able to go to its numerous art  museums and galleries for free. A couple days ago, I went to the Smithsonian National Gallery of Art and came across this striking installation by artist Nam June Paik called “Electronic Superhighway”. I knew immediately I had … Continue reading


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