watch: Magic in the Moonlight

I never know what to expect when it comes to Woody Allen movies. Most of his earlier works have been based on realistic situations like falling in love with a free spirit…or with your wife’s sister? But in the 2000s, most of his work had a sort of magical element which could be seen in … Continue reading

watch: Now is Good

It’s hard to imagine all the countless number of amazing films that go under the radar each year. My generous guess would be in the three digit range. Somehow, back in 2012, the romantic drama, “Now is Good” happened to slip right past me, but due to wonderful people of Netflix, I had a chance … Continue reading

Listen: Fare Thee Well (Dink’s Song)

I’m not the biggest fan of folk music: I have some Bob Dylan, James Taylor, and Cat Stevens songs on my iPod, but that genre is in the minority when it comes to music I usually listen to. The overabundance of folk music is what made me apprehensive about seeing the Coen Brothers’ latest film, … Continue reading

watch: August Osage County

I am a huge fan of movies with an ensemble cast. “Ocean’s 11”, “Love Actually”, and “The Royal Tenebaums” are a few good ones that come to mind. “August: Osage County” is a ┬ánew film that is coming out soon that I am adding to the list. This early Oscar contender, which is based on … Continue reading

watch: HER

I am extremely excited about this film…like extremely excited. “Her” is the story about a lonely divorced man who develops an unexpected relationship with a computer operating system that is designed to fit all his needs. I am a fan of Spike Jonze’s body of work, he has made iconic music videos for Jay-Z, Kanye … Continue reading

watch: A Cabin in the Wood

I am not a fan of horror films, but after hearing over and over and over again how amazing “The Cabin in the Woods” is, I finally decided to see for myself and I am so happy that I did. The film is more of a smart satire on the horror film making fun of … Continue reading

watch: The Intouchables

This Labor Day weekend, I was able to binge watch several movies that I have neglected on my Netflix list (it still feels weird to say that instead of Netflix queue). One new film that I watched that I instantly fell in love with was the French dramedy, “The Intouchables”. Starring popular French actors, Francois … Continue reading

Watch: The Sweetest Thing

I saw “The Sweetest Thing” with my friends when I was in the 7th grade, and it taught me more about sex than any after-school special. Looking back at it now as a 22 year old, I can’t believe I watched it as a youngster and I feel like it’s even more hilarious since I … Continue reading

Watch: Silver Linings Playbook

If you’ve been on this blog recently, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve devoted a few post to Jennifer Lawrence. I can’t help myself, I have an extreme girl crush on her. She’s witty, self-deprecating, and honest: who wouldn’t be in love with her? So when I watched “Silver Linings Playbook”, I was only in love … Continue reading


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