appreciate: Wilfred Lang

With the multiple creative tools that become available everyday, it has become difficult for an artist to take an overexposed muse and breathe new life into it.  Artist Wilfred Lang has done just that, taking an abstract approach when it comes to painting city skylines and urban landscapes. His artistic interpretations on architectural subjects that … Continue reading

explore: Dragon Bridge, Vietnam

From a distance, the Dragon Bridge, located in Da Nung, Vietnam, looks like an amusement park ride, but it is actually scaly arcs of dragon’s body is actually integrated into the 2,185 foot bridge. Built to celebrate the anniversary of Da Nung City’s liberation from , the Dragon Bridge is composed of steel and 15,000 LED … Continue reading

explore: Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

It’s very rare that a museum’s architecture gets as much attention as the art it holds, but when you recruit famed architect Frank Gehry, it’s bound to happen. Located in Bilbao, Spain, this important piece of architecture is home to some of the art world’s most influential pieces such as Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning, … Continue reading

live: Fire Up My Fireplace

In the morning, it’s 50 degrees and at night, the temperature drops to 30. My friends, it is time to light a match (or turn a knob) and rev up the fireplace. When I was in college, my apartment had a fireplace and it was the envy of my friends. I didn’t dare use it … Continue reading

appreciate: Valery Koshlyakov

Working in Washington, DC has made me take advantage of the several free art galleries in the area. While looking through the Washington Post, I saw an artist whose work will be featured in Goethe-Institut Gallery this month. The Russian born artist constructs large scaled paintings and sculptures with the use of the medium cardboard as … Continue reading

Explore: Cologne, Germany

Germany is an extremely picturesque country with several historical sights and landmarks to see throughout.  One city that I am a personal fan of is Cologne. It is the 4th largest city in Germany and has a very interesting history. It was the most heavily bombed city during World War II, leaving about 95% of … Continue reading

Explore: Phugtal Monastery, India

I am a huge fan of innovative architecture  and buildings and this location is a prime example of building that was ahead of its time. The Phugtal Monastery was built around the 12th century and is one of the most isolated monasteries in the region. It is the home of around 40 monks and it … Continue reading

Live: Interesting Coffee Table Reads

The items used to decorate a person’s home can say a lot about that person and his or her personality. People who like minimalist furniture is usually laid back, while those who like color print most likely have a vibrant personality. The same goes for what you display on your coffee table.   For example, I love reading … Continue reading

Explore: Petra, Jordan

Petra, which means “stone” in Arabic is an archaeological city in Jordan that is famous for its architecture, which is carved into its towering rose red rocks. One site to see is the Al Khazeh, also known as the Treasury. Al Khazneh is one of the most elaborate building in Petra, making it a popular tourist … Continue reading

Explore: Alesund, Norway

I am drawn to places around the world that have rich, interesting history and architecture, and Alesund, Norway fits that criteria. Although a small sea port town, Alesund has a large history. On January 23, 1904, there was an enormous fire, later named Alesund Fire, that engulfed the entire town, destroying the wooden homes of … Continue reading


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